Paper bags

Sturdy kraft paper or luxury laminated paper

Paper carrier bags are available in various materials and sizes. Are you looking for simplicity and an ecological look? If so, check out the bags made from kraft paper with twisted or flat handles. They are very popular among traders because of their excellent value for money. But if you want your logo to stand out, you might want to consider luxury laminated paper bags.

Personalize your paper bags

At your request, we can print your logo quickly and easily on any of our bags. UPI can handle your order, even under tight deadlines. Your stock of bags will be delivered within 20 days. You can also order fully personalized paper bags with or without laminate foil. Up to you to select the size, material and of course the print. Photo prints are also an option for these customized bags.

Order unprinted bags with fast delivery

Do you want to order unprinted paper bags? Decide today, and they will be delivered to your door tomorrow. We offer an extensive range of colours to make sure you will find a bag with the right look, be it smart grey or a soft cream colour. Our product range also includes paper gift bags with a transparent PVC side. Ideal for wrapping your little treats!